366 Bow Ties: Day 25

What's with the weird pigeon-toed thing I'm doing here? I do this when I'm taking a normal jumpshot, too. Not that I take many jumpshots--maybe 4-5 per year.  I opted for the Alisdair in a fat butterfly shape for the big game. The big game, though, wasn't basketball, but a presentation some of our church plant core group gave at a local church in our denomination, where the Moderator (the Presbyterian version of a Pope) is the pastor. It was good fun, and quite encouraging.

Usually for "the big game" sorts of occasions, you wear your 'A' Tie. It's your favorite, your go-to tie, the one that makes you feel like you can really bring the heat. It's your dress-f0r-success piece of neckwear.

But I'm more mature than all that nonsense, so I just grabbed the next available bow tie. I'm not usually one for geometric patterns, but this one is subtle, and looks more like a texture than a pattern. It's kind of like light in that regard---you know: kind of like a wave, kind of like a particle. You following me? No? Maybe I should go put my 'A' Tie on.

Our fat patterns give plenty of dimples to the bow when they're tied up--a nice feature, in my opinion. Really narrow bow ties are in style these days, just like really narrow neck ties. So why not go against the grain and wear a nice fat one once in a while?

The kids and friends came along, and we enjoyed being with the good folks at Tirzah church. Deacon enjoyed it when he wasn't being hoisted up onto a very tall Andrew's shoulders in an effort to get him to dunk a basketball. We all especially enjoyed it when we realized it was a pot luck. Great food.

Whenever I see beets or beet salad, I always get it and take a picture of it and send it to my colleague, Phud. Because it utterly disgusts him. Beets are great.

Run over to the store and grab this very Alisdair bow tie in fat butterfly at a discount, and grab yourself a couple more TCC bow ties while you're at it.






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