366 Bow Ties: Day 26


The pressure of this project--to throw on a different TCC bow tie every day--has had the interesting effect of causing me to scour the archives. On Day 26, I came up with this: one of my favorite of Ellie's early neck-to-bow tie conversions. Medium-blue (darker than royal, lighter than navy) with red/white polka dots.

This is vintage silk. And by vintage, I mean really old. It also represents one of Ellie's first tries at making a bow tie. It's got quite a skeleton inside: it really stands up to be counted. It's a little misshaped here and there. The silk is a little uneven in wear. But this bow tie looks s-h-a-r-p.


We don't want to hype this bow tie as if it were the a Michael Jordan rookie card or Stan Lee's first issue of illustrating Spiderman. But it is pretty special. And that's one of the neat things about bow ties. Of course we pay close attention to the details--even the details that most no one will ever see. But it's how things look when you show up in the bow tie that counts. They hide their idiosyncrasies much better than neckties. They're all knotted and folded up and smushed together to begin with.


So, if you hold sentimental stock in The Cordial Churchman, and want to have one of our archival pieces, this bow tie is for you. If you're going to wear the thing, this bow tie is for you. If you're going to put this in a mirror-filled display case (not sure why you'd do that) with black velvet backcloth, you should balk. Available only until it's no longer available: get this archival piece for the TCC throwback price of just $23.


Blue bow ties, by the way, are really important. Blue, khaki or tan, and a little bit of red make up 90% of my outfits.

Speaking of khaki, my Bill's Khakis went head-to-head with my 4-year-old's muddy shoes as I pushed him on the swing today. Since these things were originally made for the military, I'm expecting that they'll hold up under these, and much more sartorially traumatic, conditions.



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