366 Bow Ties: Day 27

I tried my darndest (sp?) to save this--my favorite spring/summer bow tie right now--for when spring or summer actually arrived. But since this January Carolina day has been about as springlike as a May Ohio day, I figured I'd go right ahead. After all, we've got lots and lots and lots of new linen coming up in our new spring lineup. (Sneak peak below!)

But back to this tie, which happens to have an exquisite name. A name that means "manly". Andrew. Fitting. It's a dollar off the regular price, just for this one, just until it's gone. Then you'll have to pay full price, which a'int so bad anyhow.

Had the opportunity to share lunch at Lell's Cafe with The Cordial Churchman's illustrator, the masterful Stephen Crotts, and one of our most talented customers, singer-songwriter and producer Jeremy Casella.   Stephen and his studiomates are putting on "Beneath the Surface: A Forum on Beauty" this weekend in Rock Hill, and Mr Casella is headlining the concert that opens this exploration of beauty. I'm running sound. Mr Kirk Irwin, theologian and arts advocate (not to mention dear friend and eventual bow tie wearer) is the keynote speaker, and the provider of beauty in the form of legal, tightly rolled Dominican smokable leaves for our friends while he's in town.

I usually walk to meet Deacon at school and walk him home. Today I was a bit early, so I enjoyed some reading underneath a barren (and, due to the unseasonably warm weather, very confused) tree.

It's Bow Tie Friday if you're not joining me in wearing a bow tie every day of 2012. Why not celebrate with this beauty?





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