366 Bow Ties: Day 81


For those really hot days, trade your navy blazer in for a matching headscarf. Ok, just kidding. Our friend and very cordial churchman saw this luxurious UK silk fabric for sale and thought it had TCC written all over it. (Not literally, silly.)


Run and grab this club diamond cut pink and blue silk bow tie now. There'll be a limited run of them available soon, but wouldn't you like to own the first? 


I spent a couple hours in the new TCC studio Wednesday, just horsing around. The boss even bought me Vietnamese!


Cliffe also made his presence known, though, like me, lent no real helping hand. We like to think of our value proposition as "lightening the mood" and "consuming surplus Vietnamese fare", which I'm sure you'll agree are both slam dunks.


Spring has really begun springing in Carolina the Southern this week--so much so that we got to eat dinner outside for the first time, on our friends' deck. It was the second consecutive Taco Night, but who's counting? I am, and I'd do it again tonight.



It was a gorgeous day to be a Carolinian, and to enjoy our fine town---which, while we're talking about food, is about to be graced by a Jimmy Johns sub shop. They offer free smells if you're ever in the neighborhood. Our historic downtown has several quality indie restaurants, but until Jimmy Johns, no chains. I'm one to always favor indie over chain, but the presence of JJs represents some economic viability that our splendid town needs in order to see a sustainable revitalization of our Old Town district. I'm honored to be friends with some of the fine people who are working hard and smart toward this goal. And who knows--perhaps TCC will one day open up a storefront to complement our Main St. studio.




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