366 Bow Ties: Day 82


Well, I've gotten behind on these posts, and I'm afraid I have no good excuse. Except perhaps that Ellie is hogging the computer. Something about an e-commerce gig selling---I forget---bow ties, or something?


The big news that's not new anymore, but is represented in this post, is that I shaved my beard, leaving only the mustache that I'd been leaving be since Bow Tie Day 1. That is, since January 1. Just in time to go to Family Fun Night at Deacon's school.




It's kind of a big deal. Because I don't want to be a 'hipster', whatever that exactly is. I'm not going for 'ironic', exactly. But it is ironic that I think a mustache is kinda cool after thinking they were utterly ridiculous for so long. I'm justifying the move by doing the Rollie Fingers thing. Handlebar. Curly. Yup.


I figured I'd document some of the initial reaction as well.


Everyone was so astonished by the stache that they failed to notice the saddles. Bought these at the thrift a long time ago. But they're black, with brown. I don't know what to do with black. I'd make a lousy goth. But I figured out what to do with them: take off the laces, and the socks, roll up the denim, and boom.

Speaking of missing other important things: the bow tie! Used to be a Polo Ralph Lauren slender neck tie, which I liked quite a bit. But there it went: into the demolition and resurrection pile. The money is going to Haiti, I figure. It's a gorgeous bow tie: navy with these golden paisley do-dads. Narrow, if I remember correctly. Good stuff. Yours for a mere $29. 



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