366 Bow Ties: Day 88

I figure I'll ride Ellie's bike--complete with girl-bar configuration and, yes, very utilitarian and modish basket--until she's so embarrassed of/for me that she lets me get my dream bike. Sounds like just my kind of plan: be as ridiculous as possible until people take action. Wear them down. War of attrition. Persevere.

This is kind of the perfect bow tie to wear if you're a dude riding your wife's bike around town. A little flamboyant, no? Maybe not. Just more so than our usual classic and subdued offerings. Still, an eye-catcher and a handsome bow tie no matter how you characterize it. It can be had here. 

And it was a festive day to be wearing a festive bow: My 1-year-old's 1-year birthday! Happy Birthday Wycliffe LaVeer Stager!

We celebrated with dinner at the Bistro and a leisurely walk around our beloved Old Town district. Cliffe hammed it up real good with the waitress, practiced walking along the brick sidewalks, and generally delighted us all. (He took his first real walk across the room that evening before bed. We're proud.)

And isn't his mother, and your favorite bow tie maker and entrepreneur, gorgeous? Gentlemen, I give you permission to answer in the affirmative, as if you had any option. What a lady.

My mom always said that mothers should be congratulated perhaps even more than children on the children's birthdays---it was they who gave the kids birth, after all. So I'll honor both my mom and the mother of my 3 boys by tipping my bow tie to the one who excels in both the art of mothering and the mothering of art.





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