366 Bow Ties: Day 89

"Boy are you looking mustachey today." Indeed I am, honey. Thanks for noticing. And thanks for the gorgeous green and blue plaid cotton madras bow tie, too. Too bad I'm going to have to part with it.  I'm even going to have to offer it--the Irwin in diamond point, just this one--at a discount.

Sometimes you just want khakis, a blue blazer, and loafers. Doesn't get more classic. Bill's Khakis do the trick, as do Oak Street Bootmakers penny loafers. A blue blazer can be had at a thrift store or made-to-measure by an experienced tailor. Either way, you need one, and you need to wear it 3-4 times/week, in my humble opinion.

Classic attire is especially called for when you're going to be one of the youngest fellas at a gathering called "Entertaining Southern Style," an event at our beloved Museum of York County.  It's a good thing I restocked my wallet with TCC business cards, cause they were gone by the end of the evening.

Delicious food, delightful company. Glad to be a part of our community with such fine people and such a fine institution.





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