366 Bow Ties: Easter and Seersucker

We started things off with a sunrise service at Glencairn Gardens, which was eaaarrrrlllllyyy, but felt quite right. It's easy to take for granted the fact that we have such a stunning garden right in the middle of town. Add to it sunrise and Easter, and, well---you get the picture.

Easter, of course, means seersucker. No, that's not all it means. But sartorially, speaking, the joy of what Easter essentially means is expressed through the donning of seersucker.

Our seersucker-donning friends took the occasion to pose together joyfully. I began the day with pale blue trousers, white oxford, and a pink/blue reversible seersucker bow tie in club diamond shape. The bow tie stayed all day, but the aforementioned blue trousers, of course, fell victim to a stream of coffee flowing from my defective 'travel mug'. Darn those travel mugs! Oh well. That just means I got to rock the Nantucket Reds, made by Bill's Khakis, with a blue oxford, for the afternoon. I continue to be amazed at the quality and fit of Bill's M3s. They're not hipster-fit skinny nonsense. But they're also not swimming pools. They look classy in weathered red, and not costumey and ridiculous---I'm sure this has a lot to do with the fit. Kudos to you, my favorite maker of khakis!

You do know, of course, that you can get a ton of seersucker colors on our webstore, right? And you can combine them just about any way imaginable, and in any shape we offer.  This one's yours for the astonishing price of $20. Just this one, just today. Maybe even just in the next 10 minutes if the deal is as sweet as I think it is.

We ate a lot of food, wore a lot of seersucker, and did a lot of church. I even took 2 naps, as I recall. In other words, a glorious day, as it should be.

Don't forget that all the proceeds from our 366 Bow Ties project are going to help the children of Haiti through MTW. Every last dollar. We've already generated more than $3,000 and we're aiming for $10,000 in 2012. Our first project is to provide tables and chairs for children to eat and learn upon at a very special school, which we hope to visit ourselves before too long. Thanks for your help.





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