366 Bow Ties: Day 103

In my mind, there's nothing more classic and, well, just plain awesome, than a striped tie. It says "look, no need to reinvent the wheel here." In this instance, I kind of went for blue overkill: jeans, belt, shirt, bow tie.

Like that there nautical flag belt? Me too. I've never sailed, so I've definitely never hoisted such a flag. The New England elite would think it scandalous that I'm wearing this belt. So be it. (I'm not really being a punk, even though it sounds like it.)

The bow tie is a linen/cotton blend: Waite by name. A gorgeous bow tie. Rendered here in diamond point, this one can be had at a small discount.

So, to recap: lots of blue is a good look if you ask me. Stripes are awesome. Wear things that aren't indigenous to your people group. Buy this bow tie.





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