Jumping Ahead. 366 Bow Ties: Day 127

Okay, so my new strategy: post every day. Post a tie in the backlog and the actual day's tie. Deal? Deal!

I promised Owen (4) a doughnut if he behaved during church. He only behaved for half of church, so we took him out for half a doughnut. I got 1.5 doughnuts. It felt cruel, but just, to make him watch me eat his other half right in front of his eyes. Grown-ups love sprinkles too.

My spring Sunday uniform has been Bills M3 khakis and Oak Street Bootmakers loafers. Throw in the BillyKirk hand-sewn, American leather card case, and you've got a pretty darn American photo (taken on an iPhone which, the back of it says, was 'designed in California.' So, almost an American photo.

Blue blazer from the thrift store. Summer weight. Blue instead of brass buttons. Mustache looking good, no? ;-)

And then the tie. Gray chambray on one side; floral pattern in yellows, peaches, and greens on the other side. This is a sharp tie. The floral pattern is leftover from a wedding set we did for an upcoming wedding that will be covered by Martha Stewart Weddings.

Grab this one-0f-a-kind diamond point bow tie now, or it's gone. If you do, you're helping us make the lives of a handful of children in Haiti a little more 'floral'. Beauty from ashes. You can get behind that sort of thing, right?





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