366 Bow Ties: Day 101

If you were to mistake me for the President of Winthrop University in a bow tie like this, you could be forgiven. Garnet and Gold look pretty handsome with our fabulous local garden, Glencairn, in the background. In fact, the whole thing makes one think "school's great, but it's almost out."

Had this old pair of Bass black and brown saddles from the thrift store, but could never figure out how to wear them. Figured it out this spring: laceless, shoeless. Black shoes are awful in my opinion. Black clothes--unless it's a t-shirt or formalwear--are just awful. And these shoes are pretty awful. But if you casual them out beyond all recognition, all is well.
Did I mention the garden is beautiful?
Deacon looks like he could be teaching a Winthrop botany course too, come to think of it.
So anyway, get yourself this bow tie, named after Winthrop's founder, David Bancroft Johnson.  If you can prove that you're a Winthrop student or alum, or that you're buying it for one, I'll give it to you for 5 bucks off. I'm neither, and I still think it's a swell tie.
My man Aaron donned one with a new white button down oxford, khakis, and bucks yesterday for our garden graduation party. You should have been there. Mint juleps.



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