366 Bow Ties: Day 105

Spring is a big deal for Rock Hill, our beloved town. A big part of that big deal is the Come See Me festival, which begins with a parade. We set up shop with a whole slew of potters, artists, and crafters in conjunction with the parade festivities.

Just when I thought we had stolen the show, the Shriners came by doing their crazy stunts in their go carts. Forgot about them. They always steal the show.

I think our display is pretty snazzy if you ask me. Valet for hanging bow ties. Bunting. Hand-painted sign by Stephen. Our model Winthrop sporting our wares. Photo of our adorable kiddos sporting bow ties. And lots of bow ties.

I reached for a standard blue seersucker in classic cut. Hard to believe I haven't already worn this. But I guess Easter was just a month ago. Still.

Get hold of this Cordial Churchman classic. The tie that really got us all started.





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