366 Bow Ties, Day 129: Of bow ties and juice fasting

So I did this crazy thing. I have taken into my body nothing but air, a couple cups of coffee, and fresh pressed vegetable and fruit juice. For the last 6 days. Whoa.

The second day is the worst, so I brightened things up a bit with this snappy madras, made out of scraps from a men's shirt. And with watermelon juice. Yum.

The usual rule is that you mix complementary colors and varied scales. Technically, this university stripe oxford shirt has its scale represented in this bow tie, but I don't believe it ends up being too busy, since the small stripe pattern on the bow tie is actually a sub-pattern of the much larger-scaled plaid. Makes perfect sense, right? Just sound like you know what you're talking about, and wear it with confidence, and everyone thinks you're a genius. A fly genius.

Until they see that you're juice fasting. Then they think you're crazy and stupid. I kind of think they're right. Either way, it's over tomorrow evening. Can't wait to chew again.

In the mean time, chew on this: I'll give you this great, one-of-a-kind bow tie for a whole dollar off the usual price. Buy it here.





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