366 Bow Ties: Day 142

Monday at the Farmer's Market. A chance to start the new week with real foods, and in most cases, local foods. I was impressed by the colors, and so far, things taste pretty darn good, and quite fresh. I'm thankful for farmers.

This little guy seems pretty delighted with the market, too.

Against the backdrop of reds and purples and greens and yellows, I'm pretty subdued in my Bill's Khakis M3s, my topsiders, my seersucker button-down, and this double-gray reversible chambray in classic cut. But I like it. You get the visual effect of two tones without sacrificing the simplicity and versatility (the goes-with-anything quality) of the solid grays. This is a winner, I reckon. Go grab it here, and support our efforts to brighten the days and expand the horizons of children in Haiti through MTW.





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