366 Bow Ties: Day 143

For some reason I allowed Ellie to persuade me to do a 2-day juice fast again with her, and this represents break-fast day. More on that later.

It was also a curiously sunny, rainy day. What do you wear on days like that? Who knows. But I wore standard Bill's Khakis M3s and a thrifted pink oxford button-down, sleeves hiked. And a reversible patch madras // brown chambray diamond-point bow tie.

We broke fast with our community group, who served up Top Shelf PB & J. Gooooood stuff. No tummy ache, either, like last juice fast. Probably because it was a shorter fast and it was not quite so bad a way to break fast as a martini and a BBQ sandwich.

Deacon contributed 2 recipes. I think it would be awesome to publish a for-kids-by-kids Top Shelf PB & J Recipe Book. What do you think? Include their hand-written recipes with all the [SIC] one could desire. We'd make a killing!

The patchwork madras is an old favorite from the TCC archives, perhaps from Summer 2010? The brown chambray is new. It's basically ... brown ... and chambray. The Church Belles have been going to town on the reversible stuff, as you can tell. I think it's a good thing. I think you'll agree. I think you'll agree enough to slap down $29 for this one-of-a-kind bow tie, all $29 of which will go to our project to help bring hope to children in Haiti.





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