366 Bow Ties: Day 152

How do you celebrate having made it through a 2-hour timeshare sales pitch in order to get free tickets to Disney? By eating at "Indian Restaurant", of course.

I quickly distinguished myself among the vast timeshare sales staff as the "guy with the suit and the bow tie" and "the best-dressed guy in the building". Of course, I wasn't wearing a suit, but blue jeans and an all-weather blue blazer. But they were correct: I did, in fact, have on a bow tie.

In the end, The Cordial Churchman did more business with these folks than they did with us. We took free tickets, and didn't even ask a question about the pitch. And many people wanted business cards or To-Tie-Your-Bow-Tie cards.

We win.

It's a pretty handsome bow tie, you'll surely agree. Colorful, but in a checked pattern that keeps it in the ballpark, style-wise. Made from leftovers of a customer's custom bow tie, the material of which came from a brand new Gant shirt. Yours for a song. 

The most amazing thing of the day was this stork, who crossed at the crosswalk, while the 'walk' sign was lit up. But he was so slow that the traffic had to wait for him to finish crossing. Crazy.





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