366 Bow Ties: Days 161-162

Wisconsin indeed.

We've got ourselves a nice little set up here in the Dells, complete with a ZipLine right behind our dwellings. They even zip at night, with headlamps and lanterns and all the rest. Cool stuff. And that skyway will take you all over the county, it seems, from one water ride to another.

The bow tie is cotton, patchwork in diamond point. The obvious uniqueness here is the stitching zig zag thing. Pretty great. I think it went well with the pale green oxford button-down.

It's odd being away from my work, especially when the enterprise is technically little over 2 months of age. I was able to sneak into the Courtroom and catch a glimpse of the Sunday evening service via FaceTime. Did my heart good. They are in good hands.

It was mighty hot yesterday, which means chambray shorts, green classic cut seersucker bow tie, and a plaid shirt.

In case you're ever in an indoor play land and your children don't have on the requisite socks: behold. I was thinking I'd grab a mid-morning snack, but this is not what I had in mind. Ah well.

(Tough Guy Pose) (You have to muster up a little 'Tough Guy' when you're wearing as ridiculous an outfit as I was.)

Vacation has been good so far. Good times with family. Good Wisconsin brew. Good journaling. Good reading in Genesis. Good reflection on prayer from Paul Miller's A Praying Life. Good times.





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