366 Bow Ties: Day 171 - With Our Haitian Partner

I had the great privilege of meeting Esaie Etienne at The Cordial Churchman booth at the PCA General Assembly last month in Louisville, KY. Esaie is a missionary with MTW (Mission to the World), who heads up several projects in Haiti.

The main one The Cordial Churchman is supporting is this school, where all of the children are sponsored through the OneChild sponsorship program. It's still staggering to think that 316,000 died in the 2010 earthquake, which also left 1.6 million Haitians homeless and displaced. The children OneChild has enrolled still have a lot of challenges ahead of them. But their lives have been radically altered by the work of Esaie and his colleagues.

The bow tie of the day was this handsome green seersucker / madras reversible in classic cut. Every penny of the mere $29 you slap down for this or any of our 366 daily bow ties goes to this project just off our shores in Haiti.

Consider jumping in with us and sponsoring a child in Haiti or in several other places through OneChild for about a dollar a day. That's very close to nothing for you and me, and very close to everything for one of these dear children.




PS-- If you'd like to hear Esaie preach, listen here.

PSS--Here is an interview with Esaie 20 days after the 2010 earthquake, reflecting on his ministry of mercy in Haiti.




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