366 Bow Ties: The Reversibles

This post is all about reversibles. Actually, it's all about me finding something in common among the dozen or so bow ties that I've worn but not yet blogged or listed in our store.

Reversibles! The great thing here is that you really can wear these suckers in any number of ways:

See what I mean?

So, for the reversibles at hand...


How about Day 165? A Clarkson on one side and Green Seersucker on the other. Snappy.


Or consider Day 136: A striking navy silk foulard paired with yellow gingham. The whole is way greater than the sum of its parts.


Or perhaps you're into Day 123: Our much beloved but sold-out Braden pattern paired with an orange gingham cut straight instead of on the bias. The result is striking.

 Day 146 is just plain cool. I wish I had thought of this combo myself. (Kudos, Dominique!). Gray chambray paired with a black-and-white houndstooth. Yes!


Day 126 will grab your colleagues by the collar and say "hey, I'm a snappy bow tie. Notice me." Not in a bad way, of course.

There's a distinction to be made here. This is not a 'reversible' but rather a 'two-toned' bow tie. Instead of one pattern on one side, one on the other, you get half one pattern and half the other. Confused? Eh, just buy it. This one's got a handsome madras paired with red gingham, cut in diamond point for just a little extra boo-yah.


Don't forget that all of the proceeds for all of these 366 Bow Ties go to Haiti. Grab some reversibility and help us meet our goal or raising $10,000 for school children in Haiti through MTW's OneChild sponsorship program.






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