366 Bow Ties: A hodgepodge for sure

Day 121. It's funny to see all these photos from the not-too-distant past of Yours Truly with a silly handlebar mustache. Not quite as silly is this bow tie, complete with four pretty unrelated fabrics, none of which can really be hidden no matter how you twist and turn the tie. Is there order in the chaos? Or is this bow tie all at sea? You make the call. But you'd better make it soon, because someone with an itchy mouse finger might get all impulsive and swipe it.


Day 116. Looking at this bow tie makes me want it to be fall. Right now. Day 116 would have been late April---probably the last reasonable chance on an unseasonably cool day to wear a donegal tweed jacket and a wool reversible bow tie in narrow cut. But here we are in---my goodness!---almost August. It's high time to start gathering together your fall neckwear, and I reckon this would fit the bill quite nicely.


 Day 124. This is a handsome floral-pattern bow cut in classic shape and sure to provide some top shelf bling to your spring-summer wardrobe for years to come.  I'm not sure why I was so frowny in these photos. I must have been late for something. Or maybe the sun was bright in my eyes? Or maybe I was juice-fasting? Or maybe I was thinking about that one girl who dumped me in 7th grade? Or...


Day 152. This was Orlando. This weird Indian restaurant was one of the best things about Orlando. Orlando didn't have very many best things about it against which this weird Indian restaurant had to compete. That's my assessment of Orlando. I'm glad to be persuaded to come back and poke my nose around again--see if my impressions change---if, say, the Chamber of Commerce wants to fly me in, wine me and dine me, take me to a cool theme park if there is such a thing in town. I'll even publicly recant my Orlando pronouncements.

For now, though, I'll just try to sell you this bow tie. Shouldn't be hard.


Well, that's enough for right now. Sooner or later, I'll actually get caught up. Stay tuned for the past week's bow ties, coming in the next couple days.

And don't forget that every cent of every one of these 366 bow ties goes to help children get education and a new hope through a sponsorship and schooling opportunity in Haiti.






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