366 Bow Ties: Not 100 Days Old

This is what a Presbyterian church looks like 3 minutes before a service starts. From the front. From the preacher. Who should probably not be snapping photos with his iPhone. From behind the cover of the church bulletin.

Moving right along ...


Day 210. Sunday I wore this beauty. Gold with paisley on one side; red linen on the other. Straight batwing.

I hate it when I forget to have someone else take my photo, and have to take one myself. I look like so much of a goober when someone else takes the photo. And much more of a goober when I take it myself. Ah, well....you already knew that.


Day 211. This is what a fella who wears a bow tie every day looks like at the pub on a Monday night after opting for a Woodchuck Apple Cider, wearing Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots and socks (he never wears socks in the summer!). [Photo credit: CL].

And here those boots are, in all their glory. [Well.... in most of their glory---no natural light, since the sun has already gone down.] Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots. These good folks sent along this gorgeous pair of boots (along with one for Mrs Churchman) in support of our 366 Bow Ties for Haiti project.

There. That's better. Gorgeous boots. Fall, come-on, baby.

Oh yeah---the bow tie. [Thanks a lot, Wolverine, for stealing our thunder.].

Club diamond shape. Fully awesome. Yours for $29. 


Day 212. Got a couple new oxfords. By chance, the bow tie the Church Belles made for me today had blue and yellow, as did the oxford I picked out. Nice.

I'm loving my re-soled Bass Weejuns, by the way.

Used to be a Nautica necktie. Flags. Nautical, I imagine. (Who knows---it's an outdoor sport so, beats me.) Yours for $29. 


Speaking of sports: congrats to all the athletes who "went out there and did [their] best", "gave it [their] all", "just went out there and had fun", and managed to memorize the only post-competition interview script ever used in any post-competition interview in any sport at any time since the advent of sports. 

I promise that when I hit my first home run in Saturday morning softball, if someone interviews me, I'll tell them that I can hit home runs in my sleep without even trying, and that I never practice, and basically sit on the couch all day eating potato chips.

Seriously, though, I'm loving the Olympics and all the #NBCfail tweets. 

Enjoy the bow ties.





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