366 Bow Ties: The One-Eighties


Bill's Khakis: M3s. Pretty much the perfect khaki. I've worn these more than any other pair of trousers in 2012, and they're holding up great. They wear like iron, and looks sharp without an iron. (See what I did there?) They're definitely showing the character that comes with age---my knees have made their presence felt in the shape and drape. But they look great. Here's to Bill's again for supporting our efforts to make a difference in Haiti through this project.

There's something appropriate about pairing American-made khakis with such an American bow tie. Needless to say, you'll want to jump on this one quick.



A simple narrow madras. Can't go wrong here at all. Especially with a wrinkly white Oxford button-down and some red chambray shorts.



What happens when you're a preacher at the end of a long Sunday? Well, you have a root beer float before you go to bed. You also look like you're going to fall over.

Diamond-point floral / gray chambray reversible. A handsome bow tie you'll be delighted to add to your wardrobe. 



The Screwtape Letters at the Knight Theater. Max Maclean. Great show. Threw on the Bill's Khakis Nantucket Reds, a pale blue / white stripe Brooks linen button down, a tan odd jacket, and a former necktie converted to a zany floral silk bow tie in classic cut. 

Lady Churchman looked especially stunning. I'm a lucky man to have such a pretty girl and a great entrepreneur as a partner in crime.


That's all for today.





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