366 Bow Ties: Winthrop Convocation!

Rock Hill would really be hurting if it weren't for Winthrop University, and the several thousand new students that come to town each fall. It was great to be at Convocation today and meet students, talk about The Cordial Churchman, and talk about our new church as well.

I didn't really plan my outfit very well. I also forgot to wear a bow tie yesterday. So today, we get two ties: the one that I wore, and the one that I would have worn if I had found a white shirt.

The Johnson. Diamond point. Grab it here. Perfect if you're an Eagle, and even if not---still pretty darn beautiful. Named after David Bancroft Johnson (1886-1928), founder of Winthrop, and bow tie wearer.

[caption id="attachment_2945" align="aligncenter" width="135"] David Bancroft Johnson[/caption]

The one I actually wore, as you can see from the first photo at the top, is a handsome cotton plaid in 2 1/2" fat cut. A handsome tie to be sure.

Okay, have at 'em.





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