366 Bow Ties: Day 231, A Good Day


All said and done, today was  good day.

Reason 1:

After having a pear, a banana, and a very green juice for breakfast, I broke fast for real by having this for lunch. A BKT--bacon, kale, tomato sandwich. I almost forgot to grill the whole thing in the bacon grease. Almost. Yum.

Reason 2:


That there is my boy Deacon. As he told some pedestrians: "today was my first time riding my bike in action!" Which means, of course, that he started, went, and stopped on his own steam. He just looked his fears square in the eye and slapped them upside the head. And this after he burst into tears earlier in the day when Ellie removed his training wheels. We celebrated with FroYo. Which is another great reason that this day was good.

Reason 3:

As Deacon was taking his last spin, the sun set over Winthrop Lake. Glorious. Applause, I think, from those dwelling in glory for my son's accomplishment.

So celebrate with us and grab today's bow tie: a dark teal-ish club diamond with stripes, silk from a vintage necktie. A sharp tie. $29. All of it goes to bless children in Haiti.







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