366 Bow Ties: Days 234-235. Silk and Linen

Day 235.


Taken in the beautiful marble (I think?) stairway of the Gettys Art Center, Old Town Rock Hill, SC,where The Cordial Churchman's global headquarters reside.


This is a really handsome bow tie, I think you'll agree. A butterfly cut. Plaid. Works for both the summer and winter in medium-weight cotton. A fatter cut yields a more buxom bow.

100% Linen. Available now, until the moment when someone else snatches it from your clutches. $29, a bargain at twice the price. Grab it here.


Day 234.

Silk. Diamond point. Awesome.

Do I have your attention now?

This is a gorgeous silk bow tie converted from a vintage necktie. Note the purple and teal foulard pattern. The silk is either midnight blue or black. Who cares. The thing is gorgeous. If you don't buy it, I'll wear it until there's nothing but a few silk threads and a slider left of it. Your call.

Grab it here.




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