366 Bow Ties: Almost 1000 Mile Boot Season

Day 236.

Every now and then I go on these 3 or 4 day stints where the only thing I snack on is fruit and vegetables. I get filled with self-righteousness and look down on people eating coffee cake and Doritos.

But usually I'm the one eating the scones and chocolate-covered pomegranate bits. And the bow tie feels tight. And the collar feels tight. Etc.

Caption: "Papa, is this one of your self-righteous, fruit-only days?"

I really love this bow tie. Like, really love. Don't you? 100% linen, from a vintage necktie. A handsome, bright-but-not-obnoxious green. Yellow and blue foulard. Dang. Go and get it. 


But even better (if you can imagine such a thing): 1000 Mile Boots from Wolverine. We had a week or so of cooler weather in August, and I think I wore these beauties like 4 days in a row. (You're not really supposed to do that; you're supposed to let the leather have a breather. Oh well.)

I'm delighted that Wolverine sent Ellie and me each a pair of their coveted 1000 Mile boots for our 366 Bow Ties for Haiti project. And I couldn't think of a better boot investment to make. Go get yourself a pair.


Day 237.

Me and my lady. She went away for a weekend. And I missed her sorely. She came home. And there was great rejoicing.

Run and grab this patch madras bow tie in classic cut. Can't go wrong.


Day 238.

(See those 1000 Mile Boots again?)

Simple blue gingham. Classic cut. Classic style. Can't go wrong. Get it here.


Day 239.

Taken in our home in Columbia, SC, while I was in a melancholy mood thinking about the fact that we were losing our bees tenant ever. And missing that lovely house. Looks like we may have gotten it rented, though.

A beautiful silk paisley in narrow cut. Wow. From a necktie. Only one available, ever. Get it. 


Ok, that's it for now. Don't forget that all of these bow ties go to help with a school in Haiti. Hopefully we'll get to visit that school before long.





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