366 Bow Ties: Day 233 - Transitional Season Reversible

Day 233

First, note the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots. Okay. Good.

A striking reversible: vintage blue striped necktie silk on one side; yellow medium-scale gingham on the other. Cut in our very popular straight batwing shape, which yields a thinner bow and a fatter knot, and instantly increases your IQ by 15%.

The great thing about reversibles such as this is that they're multi-seasonal. During the autumn, keep the blue silk facing forward and you have a subtle yellow peeking out from behind the batwing bow. Come spring, usher in the sunshine with the bold yellow gingham front and center. In transitional seasons (ahem---like right now), twist as you tie the bow and get a combo look. (See above.)

Run and grab it here.

You'll never believe it, but I was the only one wearing a bow tie to watch their kids take a tae kwon do lesson. I think that Master Pak was pretty intimidated.





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