366 Bow Ties for Haiti: Catching Up

We've got a mess of reversibles for you, everything from wool to silk to double chambrays!  There are also a few special silks, madras and ginghams in the mix.  Happy shopping!

- Erica

Day 276:  Our handsome, archived James paired with an equally handsome beige wool with stripes.  Get it here.

Day 275:  Actually a maroon-burgundy silk Classic with purple foulard.  Yours is here.

Day 274:  Blue & Green Chambray Reversible Classic Butterfly.  Get yours here.

Day 273:  Snazzy red silk with blue and white stripes, light blue gingham on the reverse side.  Yours for $29.  Every penny goes to Haiti.

Day 272:  A fun Kelly Green gingham in the Narrow Butterfly.  Grab it here.

Day 258:  Our Damien Grey Chambray Classic.  Get it here.

Day 221:  Dark lavender silk with flower foulard/Cranberry Chambray Reversible.  Should be highly envied.  Get yours here.

Day 203:  Possibly one of the best TCC two-toned combinations:  Sold-out Chadrick & Cranberry Chambray in Club Diamond Style.  Yours is here.

Day 198: Striped navy with brown wool reversible.  Classic cut.  Get it here.

Day 153:  Red silk with seahorses!  Yours is here. 



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