366 Bow Ties for Haiti: Days 213 - 219

Day 213:  Raspberry red silk with x-patterned emblems.  Classic Butterfly.  Get it here.

Day 214: Navy silk with foulard/Brown linen reversible.  Club Diamond.  Find it here.

Day 215: Mint green silk with blue, white and green circles/Damien grey chambray reversible.  Narrow cut.  Get yours here.

Day 216:  Purple silk with flower foulard/Brown linen reversible.  Classic butterfly.  Get it here.

Day 217:  Our fabulous McAllister in a narrow butterfly.  Yours is here.

Day 218:  Striking gold silk with complex striped pattern.  Diamond point.  Get yours here.

Day 219:  Yellow silk with foulard/Navy chambray reversible.  Narrow butterfly.  Get it here.



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