Fall Update and freebies

I've promised myself that I will not go to bed until I have the fall line up for sale on my website.  I went outside in the hot South Carolina sun/stickiness to take some pictures today of many warm looking bow ties.  Here's a preview:

I'll also finally be listing the long-awaited square end neck ties.  I've got a few samples made up but I'm planning to offer it in 6 different wool options as well as gray chambray, blue chambray and madras.  AND - I have a very special freebie for every gentleman who purchases the straight end neck tie while supplies last.  More details on that tomorrow.

Finally, I'll be giving away one bow tie this week on my blog to celebrate my listing of all these new wonderful bow ties.  More details on that again tomorrow!  I'm so excited to switch gears for fall.  I'm really ready - now if only the South Carolina weather would follow suit.



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