Fourth of July Sale!

Happy Fourth of July from The Cordial Churchman! It is the perfect day to introduce our brand new Navy/Red reversible bow tie! Yours today only for $25*

Red/Navy Reversible bow tie. $25 today only!

*Regular Price $32. Sale ends at Midnight Eastern Time

In The Cordial Churchman Studio

Hello! And welcome to The Cordial Churchman studio. Wish you all were here in person and could take a tour of where we make our bowties. Instead, we thought we would share a virtual tour today.

We create, sew, and ship all our bowties and accessories from a workspace in downtown Rock Hill, SC. We are about 20 minutes south of Charlotte, NC.


We are housed with other artists in a community art center that once was a federal courthouse. Being centrally located downtown, some of our employees walk or ride their bicycle to work on a regular basis.


Seven of us work out of the studio at different times. Over the next several weeks we are going to introduce them to you. If you were to come into the shop on an average day, you would see us reviewing orders, cutting fabric, sewing, packaging, and drinking coffee. Coffee is essential in the making of the bow ties.


On special days, we have magazines and newspapers coming in for interviews and photographs. We are also fortunate to have some of our clients come to our space to purchase bow ties. The local cable and internet company, Comporium, just instituted "Bow Tie Thursday" and we enjoyed helping some of the men select a tie. Last week one of our loyal clients traveled hours out of his way to come and pick out some new bow ties while traveling from Washington DC!


Thought I would include a photograph of a busy few days. Since I not only write blog posts but help trace, sew, and ship bowties, I better get back to work! Thank you for coming on our tour, and we look forward to sharing more behind the scenes over the next two months.



Cordial Weddings: Jason and Erika (The Fitted White Pique Bow Tie)

We are starting a new series here on the blog: Cordial Weddings! The posts will include real weddings, wedding etiquette, and groomsmen gift ideas, just to name a few.

Today we are featuring Jason and Erica from Nashville, Tennessee. When this lovely couple married last August, Jason wore our white pique bow tie. They married at Covenant Presbyterian Church (where Andy and Ellie have had the privilege of attending several times over the years) and held their reception at The Hermitage Hotel.


Why he bought a white pique bow tie for his wedding:

"As soon as Erika and I decided that I, as the groom, would wear full dress white tie for our wedding, I knew I had to do something special with my bow tie.  For me, the tie is incredibly important because it is the centerpiece of a man's appearance.  It is the anchor that ties the rest of his tuxedo, suit, or whatever else he is wearing together.  I immediately knew that a rental bow tie would not do.  Even an adjustable self-tie bow tie was not preferable. But given the constraints of the tradition of white tie, I couldn't just go anywhere for one. That's when I found The Cordial Churchman."

Given the style shirt Jason wore, the bow tie was visible around his neck since it did not have a collar. We made sure to size the tie to his measurements, instead of sewing in sliders. In our humble opinion, it looks great on him!


Congratulations, Jason and Erika, and thank you for sharing pictures from your wedding! The pictures were taken by Rachel Moore.

Cheers, Audrey

**If you would like TCC to make custom bow ties for your wedding, visit our online shop at or contact us at

A Letter to a Young Gentleman

I was hugely pregnant and chasing around my two young boys.  A lady looked at me in all my exhaustion and asked if I was having a boy or a girl.

"Another boy" I said.

"That's good," she said. "Raise those boys up right.  We need more good men in this world"

I never saw her again, but I think of her often and am encouraged by what she told me in passing.  I even use these words to encourage other parents who have multiple boys. It is so true, the world really does need more gentlemen.  So my other full-time-job is trying to raise these boys into gentlemen.


We hope you'll enjoy our new blog series, "Letters to a Young Gentleman".  Each week, we'll share a new letter.

Dear Sons,

I tell you all the time that you need to be a gentleman.  Do you even know what that means?  A gentleman is someone who is a good friend, family member, kind-hearted and humble.  It doesn't matter how much money you have, how great your clothes are or how smart you are.  Being a gentleman is something different.

Being a gentleman doesn't mean fitting into a restrictive mold and forgetting about who you are.  I want you to know that you can be yourself always. You are a fascinating young man with a unique perspective on life.

It takes time, patience and persistance.  But I see you becoming more like a gentleman every day.  You are learning how to share with your brothers and give up your seat for them and others.  I'm proud of you.  I want to teach you so much more.




New Madras Bow Ties and What Else Should We Make?

Today was new fabric day. I picked up a few bolts of fabric at the store, we received an order I'd placed online and we also filtered though swatches to choose new fall fabrics. We are inspired.

As soon as Carlee (our resident seamstress and illustrator in her spare time) was so excited, she started snuggling up with it.  Then immediately cut it up to make ties saying, "It's time for me to be in my happy place".


So what now? Obviously we'll make bow ties but tell us what else you would like to see from us now and in the future. More pocket squares? Lapel flowers? More Emblematic Bow Ties? Neck ties? Scarves? Ascots? We love your feedback. Please write a comment or fill out THIS FORM to submit your feedback to us.

And if you tell us what you like, there's a good chance we may name it after you. The really good ideas might even get a freebie of some kind.  So don't be bashful.



Elliot White Bow Tie




Recently we acquired this fun fabric while touring a textile mill in our town, Rock Hill, SC.  We've had the fabric in the studio for a few months and enjoyed looking at it on the bolt next to our other bolts of seersucker, gingham and linens.  But it was time to start using it.  Fabric this fun should be used to make something.

So we have about enough of this fabric to make 10 bow ties.

When its gone, its gone.  If you like it, get it.  And wear it on Fourth of July and be the coolest looking guy at the cookout.

Almost time to don your gay apparel

Imagine how much more fun an obligatory office Christmas party would be in a tartan bow tie.  I'd be willing to bet that your boss will bring out The Glenlivet XXV the minute he lays eyes on your festive self.

Got 3 of these shindigs to attend?  Grab all three plaid bow ties named after 3 great ancient Scottish universities for less than the cost of the single-malt Scotch your hosts will instinctively place in your hand.

The Edinburgh

The Aberdeen

The St Andrews

Each of these fine pieces of haberdashery are now available exclusively at The Cordial Churchman online store.

And please, wear your bow tie responsibly.

Fall Update and freebies

I've promised myself that I will not go to bed until I have the fall line up for sale on my website.  I went outside in the hot South Carolina sun/stickiness to take some pictures today of many warm looking bow ties.  Here's a preview:

I'll also finally be listing the long-awaited square end neck ties.  I've got a few samples made up but I'm planning to offer it in 6 different wool options as well as gray chambray, blue chambray and madras.  AND - I have a very special freebie for every gentleman who purchases the straight end neck tie while supplies last.  More details on that tomorrow.

Finally, I'll be giving away one bow tie this week on my blog to celebrate my listing of all these new wonderful bow ties.  More details on that again tomorrow!  I'm so excited to switch gears for fall.  I'm really ready - now if only the South Carolina weather would follow suit.

Another Cordial Wedding in Green Seersucker

I'm crazy about these new images I just received from another Cordial Wedding.  They are wearing the green seersucker bow ties for a wedding on the beach.  What a great looking bunch.

Cordial Weddings

If you are getting married soon, consider Cordial Churchman custom bow ties for your wedding party. Contact Ellie at ellielaveer{at} or through the contact page of my online store to find out more. Choose from our fabrics or send in your own.  A very special thank-you for these wedding parties who have send in their beautiful wedding photos.

Picnik collage


wedding 3