New Madras Bow Ties and What Else Should We Make?

Today was new fabric day. I picked up a few bolts of fabric at the store, we received an order I'd placed online and we also filtered though swatches to choose new fall fabrics. We are inspired.

As soon as Carlee (our resident seamstress and illustrator in her spare time) was so excited, she started snuggling up with it.  Then immediately cut it up to make ties saying, "It's time for me to be in my happy place".


So what now? Obviously we'll make bow ties but tell us what else you would like to see from us now and in the future. More pocket squares? Lapel flowers? More Emblematic Bow Ties? Neck ties? Scarves? Ascots? We love your feedback. Please write a comment or fill out THIS FORM to submit your feedback to us.

And if you tell us what you like, there's a good chance we may name it after you. The really good ideas might even get a freebie of some kind.  So don't be bashful.



Making Old Things New - Turning an old necktie into a bow tie.

One of the things people love us for is how we can turn a neck tie into a bow tie. And to be honest, it is a little magical.

Nearly every day, we receive packages with neck ties from all over the country. We rip them open and check out what is inside.

We take out the seams and press them out.

We add our own interfacing and sew them up.

conversion3And just like that.
conversion 5
Its Magic.


We get to make something new again - and we love it.

If you're interested in purchasing this, you can do it through this link.

*the really good photos - #2 through #5 in this post were taken by our customer and friend and fellow artist, Joe Jackson.  Thank you, Joe for making it look so cool.

Pulpit Supply Featured in YM/OM


My friend Conor from Young Man/Old Man invited me to guest post on hos fine bloh. Check out my discussion of Pulpit Supply, the new collection of top-shelf bow ties, scarves, ascots, neckties, pocket squares, and lapel flowers from the team behind The Cordial Churchman.



366 Bow Ties: Day 31


Lots of spring anticipation going around here. Hence the shades and the (formerly Brooks Brothers) berry bow tie. And, I suppose, the pink sweater.

It's funny how, since we deal mostly in non-traditional (read, non-silk) fabrics, wearing a silk bow tie feels odd. I'm going to be doing a bunch of it this year, though---and just yesterday I went through a box of about 200 neckties. I sorted them into 3 categories:

Category 1. "What was I thinking? This is a great necktie--perfect width (not too wide, not super modern-skinny), vintage, etc. Why would I ever demolish this and sell it so some dude on the internet?"


Category 2. "No one should ever, ever wear this tie, ever. But since I don't believe in legislating sartorial morality, these will go to Deacon's Kindergarten clothing drive."


Category 3. "Okay, this is a nice necktie. But we're in the bow tie business, and the cash is going to Haiti. It's maybe a little too wide, a little funky in this way or that, not perfect. Much better possibilities as a bow tie. Besides, these guys on the internet aren't that bad.


By the way, isn't this kid of mine cute? Doesn't he make you want to buy this bow tie? It'll be posted on the store as soon as I can wrest the computer from the Church Belles, who are frantically packing and printing shipping labels, trying to get lots of orders in the post before it closes in 10 minutes.


January 25, 2012


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FAQ 1: "Where's Your Bow Tie???"

I got this all the time---as soon as people found out I was the husband of a bow tie haberdashress. Not so much in 2012. Was hoping to get it tonight when I realized I had the freedom to wear a new / old thifted neck tie (which, like almost all my neck ties, are now on bow tie death row), being as I've already worn, and sold, today's bow tie. I did get the question, and was able to impress the inquirer with more of an answer than he bargained for.

Dear neckties: you are still awesome. I have not abandoned you. Love, ARS

Tie Bars Aren't For Bow Ties

I could never be an exclusive bow tie wearer.  Some are.  Not me.  I simply like neck ties too much.  These days, neck ties are almost as infrequently seen as bow ties.  Besides, tie bars look pretty stupid on bow ties, and one needs to rock a tie bar from tie to time.

I picked up this Southwick suit at Goodwill for $10 just before Easter last year.  I had Ellie hem the trousers with a massive cuff, just to be obnoxious.  I love it because it's got no darts (a "sack jacket") and doesn't make you look like a linebacker with big shoulder pads.  Way, WAY better to look ridiculous with big cuffs than with boxy shoulders.

The tie came from a thrift store for a buck or two.  It's a pathetic faker club crest number, probably sold at Target, then at TJ Maxx, then given for free to folks in halfway houses for job interviews.  After being rejected by all those markets, it finally found a good home with me.

The shoes are Florsheim longwings.  Muted brown.  Leather soles, of course.  Bartered for 3 bow ties (thanks, Ellie.  Easier to get forgiveness than permission, eh?) from a gent who couldn't quite fit into them.

And the tie bar comes from my late grandfather, Papa Sam--master of thrifting and master of looking very, very suave.  Rico Suave on the el cheapo.  Ellie made the hand-rolled cream-with-navy-pinstripe linen pocket square.

This suit is thick as heck.  Better wear it a lot before South Carolina starts doing its thing.  I might just wear it tomorrow.  Hopefully it'll be warm and sunny so I can pair it with my old Vespa.

Fall Update and freebies

I've promised myself that I will not go to bed until I have the fall line up for sale on my website.  I went outside in the hot South Carolina sun/stickiness to take some pictures today of many warm looking bow ties.  Here's a preview:

I'll also finally be listing the long-awaited square end neck ties.  I've got a few samples made up but I'm planning to offer it in 6 different wool options as well as gray chambray, blue chambray and madras.  AND - I have a very special freebie for every gentleman who purchases the straight end neck tie while supplies last.  More details on that tomorrow.

Finally, I'll be giving away one bow tie this week on my blog to celebrate my listing of all these new wonderful bow ties.  More details on that again tomorrow!  I'm so excited to switch gears for fall.  I'm really ready - now if only the South Carolina weather would follow suit.

The Square End Neck Tie from TCC

So here's the newest thing I've been working on and I'm really in love with these square end neck ties!  I think they are so fun to make and look so good on my husband!  I made him the one below for a fathers day present and have made a few more since then.  I will try to get them listed on my website soon.  What do you think of them? 

Since everyone has an opinion on how I price my items (most people tell me I should raise them, but i resist).   I'm curious what you have to say.  If you are the kind of person who would purchase this for a gift or for yourself and you'd like to suggest a reasonable price knowing it is handmade and mostly sewn by hand, please e-mail me at and share your thoughts with me.  I'd love to hear them!