366 Bow Ties: Days 150 & 151

Day 150: Had to be a handsome one. And this is. It's our old Vito pattern crossed with a pinpoint linen that used to be the Barrett. Pretty stunning. Yours for $35.

Another reason to be handsome---or, to wear a handsome bow tie: video shoot.

Day 151: This is subtle: see what's happening? Bias-cut on one half of the bow tie; non-bias cut on the other. See the knot? Cool yeah? Yeah!

Yours for $29.

A good bow tie for a road trip.  Above: Jacksonville.

Ellie hand-rolling pocket squares in the car.

Legos at Downtown Disney

Okay, off to a timeshare presentation. Should be glorious!



366 Bow Ties: Day 144

We have this little ensemble. We call ourselves The Perfect Melancholies when we play at the Old Town Market and other things. We also happen to be the music ensemble for Hill City Church, which is the new church we're starting in Rock Hill.

Wednesday night was what my old prof used to call a 'tweener. We played lots of our market tunes (folktified versions of U2 and the Cranberries; a few Over the Rhine, Patty Griffin, and Randy Newman tunes, etc.), but since it was a church BBQ, and the reason we got the gig was because they liked our take on the old hymns one Wednesday night in the church fellowship hall, we played some of those, too.

The home was from the first half of the 19th Century, and was haunted by antebellumness of various sorts. We played on the front porch to a happily BBQ'd audience.

(Above 3 Photos by Bill Marion)

And I wore a snappy combo, perfect for the event---if I must say so myself. Brown chambray on one side; green candy-stripe cotton on the other side, cut in classic shape. Throw in the blue jeans, the suspenders, the new US ARMY eyeglasses, and the bucks, and I think that about did the trick.

Grab this bow tie and get yourself to an antebellum BBQ pronto. Or throw one yourself. Be sure to invite The Perfect Melancholies to play on the front porch.



366 Bow Ties: Day 143

For some reason I allowed Ellie to persuade me to do a 2-day juice fast again with her, and this represents break-fast day. More on that later.

It was also a curiously sunny, rainy day. What do you wear on days like that? Who knows. But I wore standard Bill's Khakis M3s and a thrifted pink oxford button-down, sleeves hiked. And a reversible patch madras // brown chambray diamond-point bow tie.

We broke fast with our community group, who served up Top Shelf PB & J. Gooooood stuff. No tummy ache, either, like last juice fast. Probably because it was a shorter fast and it was not quite so bad a way to break fast as a martini and a BBQ sandwich.

Deacon contributed 2 recipes. I think it would be awesome to publish a for-kids-by-kids Top Shelf PB & J Recipe Book. What do you think? Include their hand-written recipes with all the [SIC] one could desire. We'd make a killing!

The patchwork madras is an old favorite from the TCC archives, perhaps from Summer 2010? The brown chambray is new. It's basically ... brown ... and chambray. The Church Belles have been going to town on the reversible stuff, as you can tell. I think it's a good thing. I think you'll agree. I think you'll agree enough to slap down $29 for this one-of-a-kind bow tie, all $29 of which will go to our project to help bring hope to children in Haiti.



366 Bow Ties: Day 128

"What about short sleeve shirts and bow ties?" Good question.


1. Display tattoo(s).

2. Stay cool in especially hot weather.

3. Be more casual but still wear a bow tie.


1. Look pretty dorky.

You decide. In any event, I double-dipped, inadvertently. Another classic blue seersucker. Coming at you at a special price. Enjoy.



366 Bow Ties: Day 119

Sometimes my booklust gets the best of me, and I have to head to my Alma Mater bookstore and buy up their discounts. And if I haven't burnt the day away doing that, I head into the library to do sermon research. Got a little bit of a chance to do that a couple weeks ago. And a chance to wear this throwback Cordial Churchman number. I think this yellow/blue seersucker check (rendered here in classic cut) was in our first batch of bow tie offerings back in the summer of 2009.

Of course I didn't have an umbrella with me, or my Wellies on. And of course it rained. Oh well.

I stopped by Caribou--the very Caribou where I spent hours and hours and hours writing papers, studying Greek flash cards, and cramming for New Testament exams. And if my memory serves me, I went from here to pick up a juicer from someone off Craigslist.

Note: if you're going to do a juice fast, remember to ease back into solid foods. Ouch, my tummy.

In any event, run over to the store and grab this vintage TCC bow tie.



366 Bow Ties, Day 129: Of bow ties and juice fasting

So I did this crazy thing. I have taken into my body nothing but air, a couple cups of coffee, and fresh pressed vegetable and fruit juice. For the last 6 days. Whoa.

The second day is the worst, so I brightened things up a bit with this snappy madras, made out of scraps from a men's shirt. And with watermelon juice. Yum.

The usual rule is that you mix complementary colors and varied scales. Technically, this university stripe oxford shirt has its scale represented in this bow tie, but I don't believe it ends up being too busy, since the small stripe pattern on the bow tie is actually a sub-pattern of the much larger-scaled plaid. Makes perfect sense, right? Just sound like you know what you're talking about, and wear it with confidence, and everyone thinks you're a genius. A fly genius.

Until they see that you're juice fasting. Then they think you're crazy and stupid. I kind of think they're right. Either way, it's over tomorrow evening. Can't wait to chew again.

In the mean time, chew on this: I'll give you this great, one-of-a-kind bow tie for a whole dollar off the usual price. Buy it here.



366 Bow Ties: Day 105

Spring is a big deal for Rock Hill, our beloved town. A big part of that big deal is the Come See Me festival, which begins with a parade. We set up shop with a whole slew of potters, artists, and crafters in conjunction with the parade festivities.

Just when I thought we had stolen the show, the Shriners came by doing their crazy stunts in their go carts. Forgot about them. They always steal the show.

I think our display is pretty snazzy if you ask me. Valet for hanging bow ties. Bunting. Hand-painted sign by Stephen. Our model Winthrop sporting our wares. Photo of our adorable kiddos sporting bow ties. And lots of bow ties.

I reached for a standard blue seersucker in classic cut. Hard to believe I haven't already worn this. But I guess Easter was just a month ago. Still.

Get hold of this Cordial Churchman classic. The tie that really got us all started.



366 Bow Ties: Day 131

The Old Town Market has become one of our favorite events in our beloved city. Our neighbor-farmers set up tables full of their delicious produce and meats. Our neighbor-artisans set up tables full of their fine craftsmanship. And we get to hop up on a stage a few times each summer as The Perfect Melancholies (which, coincidentally, is the same line-up as the Hill City Church band) and provide entertainment.

About the time our neighbor-farmers were picking fresh produce for the market from the earth, our Belles picked a red silk necktie with pretty blue flowers (sorry for the lack of specificity; I'm no gardener) from the box full of would-be bow ties and made this classic bow tie for our market performance.

We'd be delighted to come and play at your neighborhood farmer's market---or better yet, in a quaint old theater on your Main St. Just let us know. In a couple weeks we are providing entertainment for a Chester County church's community BBQ. That sounds about right.

We'd also be delighted if you took this gorgeous bow tie off our hands, and put the cash into our project to bring beauty and delight to children in Haiti. Grab it here.



366 Bow Ties: Day 130

This shouldn't happen. Gingham. And then more gingham, in a different scale. On the same bow tie. On a gingham shirt, with yet a different scale. And a gingham pocket square too? All blue? With blue jeans? And a blue blazer?

Ah, but the blues are rescued by the green boots. Still, what's the deal?

I don't know. Something about having a beautiful wife makes me not care about having 4 pieces of gingham on at the same time.

Happy birthday, Ellie! You are gorgeous.

If you look closely, you'll see that the larger gingham ('buffalo check', my man Mr. Goodwill Hunting calls it) is on a smaller paddle than the smaller gingham on the back side. So it's got all this 'depth perspective' or whatever Dominique the abstract artist and Churchbelle who made it might want to call it. Add the smaller check on the shirt, and it's like you're wearing 3D goggles.

But still, Ellie's pretty, so I'm good, right? Go ahead. Make fun of me. It's her birthday (yesterday), and she's pretty. Boom.

We close this blog post with a public service announcement that's sure to keep your children in line when playing with light sabers. Just use logic with them. It cures everything.

Cordially, if a little bizarrely,


366 Bow Ties: Day 103

In my mind, there's nothing more classic and, well, just plain awesome, than a striped tie. It says "look, no need to reinvent the wheel here." In this instance, I kind of went for blue overkill: jeans, belt, shirt, bow tie.

Like that there nautical flag belt? Me too. I've never sailed, so I've definitely never hoisted such a flag. The New England elite would think it scandalous that I'm wearing this belt. So be it. (I'm not really being a punk, even though it sounds like it.)

The bow tie is a linen/cotton blend: Waite by name. A gorgeous bow tie. Rendered here in diamond point, this one can be had at a small discount.

So, to recap: lots of blue is a good look if you ask me. Stripes are awesome. Wear things that aren't indigenous to your people group. Buy this bow tie.



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